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About Mushroom Cult

How We Started

We started by buying too much of the wrong equipment, we started with failure, making all the possible errors, we got started and did not give up, and we developed skills that we now share with you.


What We Do

We train you to use your mind and body as the most important mushroom cultivation tool. Knowledge compounds like invested money does. We have learned the hard way and can guide you past unneeded hardship in your mushroom cultivation journey.  During this personal training class, we take a first principles approach to mushroom cultivation. Teaching hard-to-learn techniques as well as shortcuts imparting a well-rounded skill set. 

Who We Are

The Mushroom Cult is the people empowered by a working relationship with fungi. Mushroom Cult is the 50+ hands-on classes. It is the 400+ past students.

The Mushroom Cult is...



Meet The Team


Zach Kiser

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Mushroom Cult



The Mushroom Overlord

The Ubiquitous, Ambidextrous, Polymorphic, Illusive Identity, Shepherd and Sargent  


Gary Heferle

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Fresh From The Farm Fungi

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